Wednesday, July 20, 2016

ARC Review: Trapped by S. A. Bodeen

Author: S. A. Bodeen
Series: Shipwreck Island #3
Publication: Feiwel & Friends (July 26, 2016)

Description: It's up to Sarah Robinson to save her shipwrecked family from a time-traveling "curator" of souls and a treasure-hunting criminal in Book 3 of the Shipwreck Island series.

Sarah Robinson and her family are shipwrecked on a remote and mysterious island. Their food is scarce and there's no sign of rescue. They have seen strange creatures, rescued a mysterious girl, and found The Curator, who has captured Sarah's father and stepbrother to use in a bizarre time-travel experiment. And then the only man who knows about the island comes back--he's looking for buried treasure and won't leave without it, even if it means leaving the Robinsons stranded. Sarah knows an important key to finding the treasure, but will she keep it a secret?

My Thoughts: This is the third book in the Shipwreck Island series. In this episode, Marco and Sarah meet the mysterious Curator and hear the story of why he is on Earth. They also manage to rescue Sarah's father, Marco's brother, and their dog Ahab.

They discover that they have the other half of the device that the Curator, who is a young humanoid, has been searching for and that he needs in order to complete his mission and return home. However, there is a treasure hunter who would also like the device and who is willing to hurt Sarah and her family to get it.

I liked that Sarah and Marco are, mostly, learning to work together. Marco's mother's pregnancy has finally convinced each of them that the marriage between their parents isn't something temporary.

This story has lots of excitement packed into its brief length. Middle graders will enjoy the adventure and the dynamics between the characters.

Favorite Quote:
Maybe Sarah was right. When he held the weapon, he was in charge. But only because he held the weapon. Not because he knew the most or had the best plan. Maybe this would turn out better if they had to rely on something other than a weapon's threat.
I received this ARC from Macmillan. You can buy your copy here.

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