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Book Review: Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

Queen of Shadows
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Series: Throne of Glass (Book 4)
Publication: Bloomsbury USA Childrens (September 1, 2015)

Description: Everyone Celaena Sardothien loves has been taken from her. But she's at last returned to the empire-for vengeance, to rescue her once-glorious kingdom, and to confront the shadows of her past...

She has embraced her identity as Aelin Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen. But before she can reclaim her throne, she must fight.

She will fight for her cousin, a warrior prepared to die just to see her again. She will fight for her friend, a young man trapped in an unspeakable prison. And she will fight for her people, enslaved to a brutal king and awaiting their lost queen's triumphant return.

Celaena's epic journey has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions across the globe. This fourth volume will hold readers rapt as Celaena's story builds to a passionate, agonizing crescendo that might just shatter her world.

My Thoughts: It is hard to say anything specific about this 4th book in the Throne of Glass series without spoiling things for people who haven't read it yet. It was filled with adventure, danger, and tricky plans. Aelin has returned to Rifthold because she has promised to keep, people to rescue, and people to kill.

Parts of the story are also in the voice of Manon Blackbeak who is at Morath with her thirteen and gradually becoming disillusioned with the plans of her grandmother. Also at Morath are Elide Lochan who is a prisoner of her uncle and Kaltain Rompier. Both of whom have magical powers and who are struggling to get away from those who imprison them.

I enjoyed watching Aelin develop relationships with both her cousin Aedion and Rowan. I also enjoyed her changing relationship with Lysandra who has been keeping a pretty big secret. Aelin is a young woman who is coming into her own powers both with her magic and as a ruler.

While many plot threads from earlier books were tied off in this one, there are still questions to be answered. I can't wait until the next book to learn what happens next.

Favorite Quote:
Rowan shook his head. "I don't know whether to throttle you or clap you on the back."

"I think there's a long line of people who feel the same way." 
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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  1. Thanks for the review. Glad that you seemed to like this one. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the cast of characters. My favourite new character was Manon and I'm so interested to see what she will do in the next book.

    Di @ Book Reviews by Di


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