Saturday, July 23, 2016

Book Review: Seizure by Kathy Reichs

Author: Kathy Reichs
Series: Virals (Book 2)
Publication: Puffin Books; Reprint edition (October 18, 2011)

Description: Lost treasure. Perilous adventures. Deadly foes.

Tory and her friends are just starting to get a handle on their super-heightened wolf-like capabilities—contracted during a medical experiment gone horribly wrong—when they find out funding is being pulled from the institute where their parents work. The pack now faces its greatest fear—separation. So when Tory stumbles across ancient lore hinting at a lost pirate treasure, the Virals devise a risky plan that pits them against fiendish traps, headless corpses, and deep underground tunnels. But they're not the only ones looking, and the competition could be lethal. They'll need to work as one mystery-solving canine force if they to hope to uncover the lost fortune, save the institute, and stick together!

My Thoughts: This second in the Virals series has the team - Tory, Ben, Shelton and Hi and Tory's wolf dog Cooper - facing a pretty big problem. They are just starting to understand the powers they acquired when given a virus that added canine DNA to their own DNA when bad news comes. The research center where most of their parents work is being closed and sold off.

The kids are determined to find a way to save the center so that they can stay together. Since the research center is on an island near Charleston, South Carolina, it doesn't take long for them to decide to search for pirate treasure. Anne Bonny is reputed to have buried some somewhere in the area. The kids aren't the only ones who want Anne Bonny's treasure and soon find themselves dealing with a number of enemies.

The kids use their various talents to track down the clues and use their Virals powers to get themselves out of a number of dangerous situations. This story was action-packed and should keep any middle grader on the edge of their seat. Along the way, they'll also learn quite a bit about Anne Bonny and the area around Charleston.

I liked that Tory was the alpha of her new pack despite being the youngest of the teens. I also liked that Tory had to juggle her dad's new girlfriend's plan to have Tory take part in Cotillion along with the more adventurous parts of the story. Even Virals have to deal with bullies!

This is the second of a five book series which also has four novellas. I look forward to reading lots more about Tory and her friends.

Favorite Quote:
"I'll just say it." Hi gestured to the ghostly stretch before us. "This is the creepiest place in the world. So glad we came in the middle of the night."
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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