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ARC Review: Finn's Choice by Darby Karchut

Finn's Choice
Author: Darby Karchut
Series: The Adventures of Finn MacCullen (Book 4)
Publication: Spencer Hill Middle Grade (September 20, 2016)

Description: Just when Finn MacCullen thought fate couldn’t kick him any harder after the events of the Festival of the Hunt, it does. Now, he must overcome a series of nearly impossible trials to prove his worth as an apprentice, or lose his place at his master Gideon’s side.

But Finn and Gideon, and their friends, are determined to boot fate right back. They’re going to do whatever it takes to succeed, including teaming up with a sorceress and a certain teen angel.

However, Finn’s life has as many twists as a Celtic knot, and master and apprentice find themselves in their ancestral homeland of Ireland with only their wits―and a fair bit of the Black Hand’s charm―to protect them from the vengeful Celtic goddess known as the Sc├íthach.

In this heart-stopping finale of the award-winning series, it’s going to take every scrap of Finn’s Irish luck and pluck to save himself, and his master, from death. Or worse.

My Thoughts: Just when Finn in settling in as Gideon's apprentice after the events told in the previous book, his security could be ripped away from him by the Scathach, a Celtic goddess known for training warriors, who wants to make Finn her next student. If he can't complete four almost impossible tasks, he will have to leave Gideon and go with her.

Finn and Gideon need to gather their friends and allies to win the right for him to stay with Gideon. Mac Roth and his apprentice Lochlan are quick to offer help as are Kel O'Shea and her apprentice Tara. They even get help from a witch named Iona of the Hills and a couple of Terrae Angeli - Basil and Griffin. (Yes, the same Griffin from Karchut's YA series.)

This story which concludes the Adventures of Finn McCullen has fewer battles with the goblin-like creatures that they usually fight. This story is more about teamwork and working together to outsmart a goddess. The book also spends a lot of time on Finn and Gideon's relationship as they get closer and closer and more like father and son than master and student. I liked the way the three apprentices act like real middle school age kids with teasing and jealousies and friendship.

This is a great middle grade adventure series with a lot of heart.

Favorite Quote:
Finn thought back to the first time he had met Gideon. He scared the peat moss out of me. But that was before I got to know him better. He recalled when his master had told him about his dead wife and son. Gideon's sadness while he told the story had made Finn's own loss of mother and father easier to bear, and in a subtle way, had made him feel closer to his master. Closer than I do with my aunt and uncle and cousins.
I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. You can buy your copy here.

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  1. Thank you so much, Kathy, for coming along on Finn's adventures. It's been a hoot to write and a real blessing to meet folks like you. Big hug!


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