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Book Review: Things I Can't Forget by Miranda Kenneally

Things I Can't Forget
Author: Miranda Kenneally
Series: Hundred Oaks (Book 3)
Publication: Sourcebooks Fire; 2.5.2013 edition (March 5, 2013)


Kate has always been the good girl. Too good, according to some people at school―although they have no idea the guilty secret she carries. But this summer, everything is different...

This summer she's a counselor at Cumberland Creek summer camp, and she wants to put the past behind her. This summer Matt is back as a counselor too. He's the first guy she ever kissed, and he's gone from geeky songwriter who loved The Hardy Boys to a buff lifeguard who loves to flirt...with her.

Kate used to think the world was black and white, right and wrong. Turns out, life isn't that easy...

My Thoughts: Kate Kelly is a Christian. She's a member of a fundamentalist church and has quite a rigid, narrow vision of what Christianity is. She is also carrying a secret in her heart that is causing her distress.

Kate has just graduated from high school and has a summer job at the Christian Cumberland Creek summer camp. There she meets other Christians who don't share her narrow view and she meets a boy named Matt that she hasn't seen since they were young campers at the same camp.

She falls for Matt but wonders if her physical desire for him is going against God's plan for her. Kate spends a lot of time worrying about God's plan. Some of her rigid views change over the course of this summer through her interactions with her fellow camp counselors.

This summer before college changes Kate in many ways. I liked the changes she went through. I liked her much better at the end of the book than I did at the beginning. This is the first overtly Christian book that I have ever read. It was interesting seeing how Kate thought.

Favorite Quote:
I hate it when Christians don't act Christian-like. The boys in our group had been teasing him for writing music and lyrics.
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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