Saturday, May 20, 2017

Book Review: Raging Sea by Michael Buckley

Raging Sea
Author: Michael Buckley
Series: Undertow (Book 2)
Publication: HMH Books for Young Readers; 1 edition (February 2, 2016)

Description: In the first book of Michael Buckley’s Undertow trilogy, the Alpha arrived and the world was never the same. At the start of the second book, most of south Brooklyn is in ruins and the nation is terrified. Nearly everyone that Lyric Walker loves is either missing or presumed dead, including the mesmerizing prince Fathom. It’s up to Lyric to unite the Alpha before the second wave of a cataclysmic invasion wipes out mankind for good. The Undertow trilogy is an unforgettable reading experience that author E. Lockhart calls, "Allegorical and romantic, the book nevertheless reads like an action movie with especially awesome CGI." 

My Thoughts: When this story begins Lyric, her best friend Bex, and Alpha Arcade are on the run from the East Coast trying to find Lyric's kidnapped parents, the missing Alphas, and the half-breed children who are like her. Their quest takes them to Texas where they are all imprisoned.

Lyric, Bex and Arcade are also captured. They fall into the hands of White Tower Securities Incorporated which is torturing the adults to find out what Alphas can do and training the children to be weapons against the invading Rusalka. There is a war between those invaders from the sea and the United States isn't winning.

Donovan Spangler is in charge of the facility and he is one of the most chilling villains I've read about in a long time. He completely believes that the end justifies the means and he is willing to sacrifice anyone to reach his goals. The most chilling part is that he is concerned with profit rather than the good of the country.

Spangler tortures Lyric and holds those she loves hostage for her good behavior. He coerces her into training the children to be an army. All the while, Lyric is trying to find an angle that would let her free her loved ones and the other captives.

This story is filled with action. Lyric and the other half-breed kids have all sorts of cool powers. Some of the invaders from the sea are very creepy. There are lots of fights with the invaders. It is also filled with Lyric's struggles with her Alpha boyfriend Fathom. The two have cultural differences that may make a relationship between them impossible.

This is the second book in a trilogy, so the cliffhanger ending is almost a requirement. I can't wait to read book three to find out how the story all works out.

Favorite Quote:
Bex sits me down on the side of the tub and puts my head on her shoulder and lets me cry and cry and cry. We have been in this same exact situation before, maybe not locked in a camp, but on the edge of a tub sobbing about some dumb boy. It's oddly comforting that in this nightmare life of mine there are still some things that are familiar and dependable. Bex will always be there to let me cry.
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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