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Book Review: The Hypnotists by Gordon Korman

The Hypnotists
Author: Gordon Korman
Series: The Hypnotists (Book 1)
Publication: Scholastic Press (July 30, 2013)

Description: An all-new, mesmerizing adventure from the masterful Gordon Korman!

Jackson Opus has always been persuasive, but he doesn't know that he's descended from the two most powerful hypnotist bloodlines on the planet. He's excited to be accepted into a special program at the Sentia Institute -- but when he realizes he's in over his head, Jackson will have to find a way to use his powers to save his friends, his parents, and his government.

My Thoughts: Jax Opus is a pretty ordinary kid except that he has a gift as a hypnotist. He is descended from two families noted for this ability. When it is discovered, he is offered a place at Sentia which is operated by Elias Mako who "has devoted his life to New York City education and is an inspiration to every single one of us." At first, Jax feels that Sentia is a waste of his time since no one will tell them what they are doing. He also has trouble getting to know the other kids there who are all really busy trying to be the best hypnotists.

Jax finally gets to the stage where he is making some progress when he meets a guy from a rival organization called the Sandmen who tells him Mako is not the benefactor to humanity that he says he is. When Mako convinces Jax to make a video to encourage all viewers to vote for Mako's candidate for president, Jax finally realizes that Mako isn't a good guy. But Mako has hypnotized Jax's parents and left a suggestion that they kill themselves which forces Jax to do what Mako wants.

Jax has to call on the Sandmen to help him get the better of Mako in an exciting scene at the presidential candidate's victory rally. I liked Jax and thought that he was a good kid who got into a bad situation. The story was filled with action enough to keep any middle grader turning the pages.

This is the first book of a three book series and will make readers want to get the rest to find out more about Jax and his abilities.

Favorite Quote:
Whatever the purpose of Sentia was, there seemed to be a standing order to keep newbies in the dark about it. Jax tried asking questions and was invariably referred to Ms. Samuels -- if he got any answer at all. Half teh time, the staff members pretended to be extremely busy, rushing off to be groundbreaking and revolutionary in some other part of the building.
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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