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Book Review: Almost Everything by Tate Hallaway

Almost Everything
Author: Tate Hallaway
Series: Vampire Princess of St. Paul
Publication: Berkley; 1 Original edition (February 7, 2012)

Description: Ever since her father banished the half-witch, half-vampire Ana Parker and vampire knight Elias from the court of the Northern vampires, Ana has been trying to live a normal life. But when the Prince of the Southern Region vampires informs Ana that they're on the brink of war and she accidentally offers up Elias as a peace offering, the princess knows that she's going to need some help to get out of this situation.

With Ana's boy drama meter hitting an all time high, summer in St. Paul is heating up for all the wrong reasons...

My Thoughts: Ana and Elias are getting used to being exiled from her father's court but that doesn't mean the vampires are through with them. Ana is visited by the Prince of the Southern Region who needs to form an alliance or they will need to go to war. Inadvertently, Ana offers Elias and is surprised when her offer is accepted. But before she loses her vampire boyfriend they have to deal with vampires who need to hunt and can only be satisfied by hunting a witch. In the Southern Region, the witch queen willingly sacrifices herself which won't do for Ana since the witch queen is her mother. In other regions, a lottery is used to pick the witch who will be sacrificed. Ana wants to find a way to satisfy the hunt without anyone having to die.

While trying to find a way to change the hunt, Ana is still juggling three potential love interests. Elias was her vampire betrothed until her father exiled both of them. Even with the betrothal ended the two still have a blood bond. Nik is her witch/rock star boyfriend who happens to be in training to become a vampire hunter. Then there is Matt Thompson who is mundane and who shares her interest in acting. Ana would so like to be normal that Thompson appeals to her even though she can't share her secrets and the two don't have much in common.

I love the humor in this series and Ana makes a great main character. The book is action-packed and engaging.

Favorite Quote:
The other reason I loathe going to my father's court was because the dress code freaked me out, in that they didn't have one. Vampires will tell you that they are "natural" creatures, more like elves than demons. For this reason, they liked to cavort in the buff. Buck naked. Nude. Completely in the altogether.

I swear I put twenty bucks in my future-therapy fund every time I saw my dad in his birthday suit.
I bought this one August 11, 2012. You can buy your copy here.

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