Friday, January 5, 2018

Book Review: The Turncoat's Gambit by Andrea Cremer

The Turncoat's Gambit
Author: Andrea Cremer
Series: The Inventor's Secret (Book 3)
Publication: Philomel Books (November 15, 2016)

Description: What if America had lost the Revolutionary War? And now lived in constant fear and oppression? From the bestselling author of Nightshade, this is the action-packed final chapter of The Inventor's Secret trilogy

Charlotte has spent her whole life fighting the British Empire, following in the footsteps of her parents and their group of rebels. But when her reunion with her mother laid bare horrible truths about the rebellion, Charlotte knew she had to escape. Now she is on the run, with no idea who the enemy is--or which of her compatriots is truly on her side.

In this action-packed conclusion to the Inventor's Secret trilogy, full of swashbuckling pirates and young ladies who can hold their own against them, Charlotte will need to fight for her life and for her beliefs -- whatever they might be.

My Thoughts: This conclusion to the Inventor's Secret trilogy was filled with action as Charlotte takes Grave and flees from New Orleans. She is still a revolutionary but she doesn't want Grave to be used by either the revolutionary forces or the Empire. They flee with pirates but are captured by bounty hunters who deliver them to Empire forces. They are split up with Charlotte taken to the Empire's high tech prison and Grave to tinkers who try to find out why he works.

Meanwhile, Charlotte's friends are attempting to find and rescue them. This story has great steampunk detail in an alternate world where the revolutionaries lost the American revolution and are still under control of the British Empire. I liked that the women were as brave and intrepid as the men. I liked the floating city and the ships that could take to the air to get away from pursuit. I thought the battles with the steampunk weaponry were well done.

I liked that Charlotte wasn't going to automatically follow the revolution just because she had been raised to be a revolutionary but was tweaking her participation to fit with her goals and her conscience.

Fans of alternate history, steampunk, and adventure will enjoy this series.

Favorite Quote:
"I protect him because he shouldn't be treated like a machine or a weapon or a tool. He deserves to simply be."

"To simply be," Coe echoed, then uttered a joyless laugh. "He deserves that? Do any of us get to live that way? From the day we are born, we are thrown into the forge of life; we are hammered and shaped as the world wills. Why shouldn't the same be true for Grave?"
I bought this one. You can buy your copy here.

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