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ARC Review: The Sweetest Kind of Fate by Crystal Cestari

The Sweetest Kind of Fate
Author: Crystal Cestari
Series: Windy City Magic (Book 2)
Publication: Disney-Hyperion (February 13, 2018)

Description: GREAT. I've somehow found myself tangled up with a siren, a mermaid, and a homicidal wicked witch who once tried to strangle me to death. Way to go, Amber!

Amber Sand, legendary matchmaker, couldn't be more surprised when her archnemesis, Ivy, asks for her help. Ivy's sister, Iris, is getting married, and Ivy wants to prove her sister is making a huge mistake. But as Amber looks into Iris's eyes, there doesn't seem to be a problem-Iris has clearly found her match.

It seems happily-ever-after is in the cards, but when Iris seeks out a dangerous, life-altering spell, it's up to Amber and Ivy to set aside their rivalry and save the day.

As Iris puts everything on the line for love, Amber continues to wrestle with her own romantic future. Her boyfriend, Charlie, is still destined for another, and no matter how hard she clings to him, fear over their inevitable breakup shakes her belief system to the core.

Because the Fates are never wrong-right?

My Thoughts: Amber Sand tells this story. She is a Matchmaker meaning when she looks into someone's eyes she sees their perfect match. She comes from a family of witches but her talent isn't considered enough for her to be part of her coven. Her mother is is one of the most powerful good witches in Chicago. Amber's passion is baking. She is getting ready to submit her application the the Culinary Institute if she can just work up the courage.

Amber and Charlie are in a romantic relationship which causes a problem for Amber because, when she looks into Charlie's eyes, she sees him with another girl. The girl she sees in Charlie's eyes is Kim Li who is a new student at their school. Amber and her best friend Amari have befriended Kim but Amber can't help but be jealous of Kim. Amber's fears that Charlie will prefer Kim - his Fated match - make her relationship with Charlie harder because she hasn't told him what she sees.

While wrestling with her romantic dilemma, Amber is approached by her nemesis Ivy because Ivy needs help convincing her sister Iris that she is in the wrong relationship. Amber looks into her eyes and sees that her relationship with Brooke is real but the problem is that Brooke is a mermaid and to be with her Iris will have to undergo a complex spell to change into a mermaid herself. Amber's mother won't agree to perform the spell so Iris turns to evil witch Victoria to do the spell.

Victoria was the villain of the first book in this series and is even more evil in this one. Amber and her friends need to find a way to save Iris from Victoria's evil plans. Along the way Amber learns more about her mother's past and her mother's attitude toward love. I liked Amber who has a very sarcastic voice and viewpoint. I also liked that she finally decides not to blindly go along with Fate.

Fans of paranormal romance with lots of action will enjoy this story.

Favorite Quote:
Mounting evidence suggests I may be a masochist. I wouldn't have thought this until recently, with my previous top characters descriptions being "sunny," "winning," and "eager to please" (jk, they'd be "misanthropic," "sarcastic." and "cantankerous"). I guess part of the human experience is to grow and change, though I didn't think it could happen all at once.
I received this one in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. You can buy your copy here.

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