Wednesday, May 9, 2018

ARC Review: Airports, Exes, and Other Things I'm Over by Shani Petroff

Airports, Exes, and Other Things I'm Over
Author: Shani Petroff
Publication: Swoon Reads (May 15, 2018)

Description: A bad storm, two cancelled flights, trapped with the guy who broke her heart…Shani Petroff delivers laugh out loud comedy and unforgettable disasters in this highly relatable comedy of errors about a teen stuck in an airport with her cheating ex. 

Flight delayed. Send help. Not him.

After Sari caught her boyfriend Zev cheating on her, their romantic Florida vacation was ruined. She can't get back to NYC soon enough. Unfortunately, Mother Nature may have different plans. A huge storm is brewing in the Northeast, and flights all over the country are getting canceled―including Sari's. She winds up stuck at the airport for hours. With Zev!

When another stranded passenger (a hot NYU guy) suggests a connecting flight to Boston, Sari jumps at the chance. But when her mom freaks out about her traveling alone, she has no choice―she has to include Zev, and somehow survive being trapped with the guy who broke her heart!

Chosen by readers like you for Macmillan’s young adult imprint Swoon Reads, author Shani Petroff looks at both heartbreak and forgiveness in her latest YA comedy of errors, Airports, Exes, and Other Things I'm Over.

My Thoughts: Sari Silver is having a bad Spring Break. First she walks into a party to find her boyfriend Zev liplocked with his ex-girlfriend. Then she realizes that they had both planned to head to Florida for Spring Break to visit their grandparents and spend some time together. Now, she doesn't want to be anywhere near him. He keeps texting and calling and saying that he can explain, but she doesn't give him a chance.

She hitches a ride to the airport with her best friend Trina and manages to get on an earlier flight. She spends the first part of her vacation holed up, broken-hearted, in her gram's house. But her gram sends her out to spend some time at the pool where she meets Fitz who is also down from New York to spend some time with his grandfather. They hang out together and Sari is glad to make a new friend but isn't interested in anything more.

She gets a call from the booking agent at a club where she hangs out listening to music offering her an opportunity to perform on Saturday night. She can't miss this opportunity which is what she has always wanted and could be the start of her musical career. She can't convince her parents to change her flight and a storm is coming.

She gets to the airport to find the Zev and Fitz are also trying to get flights home. After hours and many cancelled flights, they have a chance to fly to Boston where a friend of Fitz's has offered to drive them the rest of the way. But that means that she will have to travel with Zev! Besides, her mom is blowing up her phone, and Zev's when she can't get Sari to answer hers, because she is worried about her daughter. Her mom just doesn't understand how much she hates it that her mom is still communicating with Zev.

This was an emotionally intense story about young love, trust and betrayal. While I did think that Sari should have given Zev a chance to explain, I could understand how much what she saw as his betrayal hurt her. Fans of romances will enjoy this story.

Favorite Quote:
That stereotype about older drivers going, like, thirteen miles per hour on the highway? My gram definitely proved that one wrong. By the time we made it to the airport, my knuckles were white from clutching the door handle. I'd said I wanted to get there fast, but I seriously think my gram set some sort of record. If only gram were piloting the plane.
I received this one in exchange for an honest review from Macmillan. You can buy your copy here.

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