Wednesday, July 18, 2018

ARC Review: Between Frost and Fury by Chani Lynn Feener

Between Frost and Fury
Author: Chani Lynn Feener
Series: The Xenith Trilogy (Book 2)
Publication: Swoon Reads (July 24, 2018)

Description: Delaney might have done her job a little TOO well...and now her life has once again been turned upside down by aliens, this time by a deadly (and devastatingly handsome) alien prince in this explosive second installment of Chani Lynn Feener's The Xenith Trilogy.

Delaney has been kidnapped by aliens. Again. After only a month back on Earth with her hot new alien boyfriend Ruckus, the deadly and devastatingly handsome prince Trystan has dragged her right back to his planet.

While some girls may dream of winning a prince’s heart, Delaney just wishes this one would leave her alone. Instead, she finds herself at the center of both a tense political battle between two alien kingdoms and Trystan’s romantic attentions, both of which are absolutely ruining the life she’s built on Earth. Not to mention the fact that she’s about to be crowned queen of a planet she’s barely even visited. Just another day in the life of an ordinary human girl.

Readers won’t want to miss Between Frost and Fury, the compelling, fast-paced sequel to Chani Lynn Feener’s Amid Stars and Darkness.

My Thoughts: Delaney has been kidnapped from Earth again. This time she finds herself captured by Trystan who is the heir to one kingdom. Delaney, through some actions that she didn't quite understand, is the heir to the other kingdom. If the two of them get married, they will prevent a war.

The main problem with this is that Delaney is in love with another guy. Ruckus was the one who kidnapped her in the first book but they fell in love anyway. Also, she's from Earth and doesn't want to be involved in Xenith's problems. She just wants to be rescued by her boyfriend and go home.

With her boyfriend imprisoned by Trystan, Delaney is forced to go through the betrothal protocol for her new planet. She thinks she has made a deal with Trystan that will allow her to do enough to satisfy his father but ultimately be allowed to return home. Only Trystan's father - the Rex - has his own plans and Delaney's happiness doesn't matter to him at all.

I really started to like Trystan in this story and so did Delaney though she felt like she was betraying Ruckas by doing so. It was interesting to learn more about him after seeing him mainly as the villain in the first story.

This is book two of a trilogy. The ending is unresolved in many ways. I'm curious to know if she is going to choose between the two boys and which one she'll choose.

Favorite Quote:
"Because!" She shoved off the wall so quickly that some of the liquid from the mug sloshed over the rim and onto her hand. She only partially registered the heat. "I'm trying to cope here! You can't just take someone from another planet, tell them you're going to force them to marry you, and call it a day! I'm freaking out!"
I received this one in exchange for an honest review from Macmillan. You can buy your copy here.

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