Wednesday, September 12, 2018

ARC Review: The Deepest Roots by Miranda Asebedo

The Deepest Roots
Author: Miranda Asebedo
Publication: HarperTeen (September 18, 2018)

Description: Cottonwood Hollow, Kansas, is a strange place. For the past century, every girl has been born with a special talent, like the ability to Fix any object, Heal any wound, or Find what is missing.

To best friends Rome, Lux, and Mercy, their abilities often feel more like a curse. Rome may be able to Fix anything she touches, but that won’t help her mom pay rent. Lux’s ability to attract any man with a smile has always meant danger. And although Mercy can make Enough of whatever is needed, even that won’t help when her friendship with Rome and Lux is tested.

Follow three best friends in this enchanting debut novel as they discover that friendship is stronger than curses, that trust is worth the risk, and sometimes, what you’ve been looking for has been under your feet the whole time.

My Thoughts: Rome tells this story. She's one of the latest generation of the girls from Cottonwood Hollow. She and her best friends Mercy and Lux have inherited some of the unique talents that show up in those girls as a result of a curse put on all the girls of Cottonwood Hollow by Emmeline Remington many generations before. She cursed the girls to be strange and unwanted because one of them had stolen her husband.

In this current generation, Rome is a Fixer and an auto mechanic, Mercy is an Enough, and Lux is a Siren. While Mercy and Rome have come to terms with their gifts, Lux has a problem with hers. Her new stepfather is blaming her for his problems including losing hours at the plant. His problems have caused him to start physically abusing Lux and her mother.

Rome's problems are simpler. She is the child of a seventeen-year-old runaway who has just lost her job as a waitress. They have always lived a hand-to-mouth lifestyle. Rome has been using her salary as a mechanic at Red's Garage to pay her half of the rent for more than a year. Now Garrett Remington, the town's lawyer and their landlord, is pressuring them for the money. Rome has to sacrifice her beloved 1972 Mach 1 Mustang which she lovingly fixed after buying it from the Truett sisters when she was fourteen.

Trading her Mustang to Garrett only buys them a couple of months. When Rome discovers Emmeline's diary which hints at hidden treasure and gives them another view of the gifts they have inherited, Mercy, Lux, and Rome determine that they will find it to solve their current problems. Only someone else is looking too and his reasons aren't as benevolent.

This is a story about determination and love and friendship. It is also a tension-filled mystery. There is even a romance as prickly Rome gets close to one Jett who is one of the boys from Evanston. Cottonwood Hollow kids and Evanston kids don't usually get along, but Jett is different.

I enjoyed this story very much. I was sucked right in by the writing and the characters. Rome was a terrific narrator and a fascinating person.

Favorite Quote:
Mercy is an Enough, and just her presence can make, well, Enough...She can't make more money appear in my wallet, or in Mom's bank account. But whatever she has seems to always be Enough for what she needs. And sometimes for what we need, too. I've driven the Mach on an empty tank more times than I can count with Mercy in the back seat.
I received this one in exchange for an honest review from Edelweiss. You can buy your copy here.

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